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07 May 2010

COMELEC Precint Tracker

Find your precint! Don't get lost! Don't miss the election!

To find your Precint: http://www.comelec.gov.ph/precinctfinder/precinctfinder.aspx

Once you're done finding your Precint number and location, go to Google's Precint finder and help others to map their precint: http://www.findyourprecinct.ph/

Warning: The COMELEC website above will be crucially slow so be patient and stay on the page, it will load later (say, 5 minutes after if you have DSL/Broadband)

Philpost EMS International Services

I can attest on how efficient Philpost EMS is (so far).
It is cheap, safe and...cheap compared  to Fedex and such.

To give you an idea here are the rates...Ctrl + to Zoom!


If you want to download the data above so you can see it better go directly to Philpost Website:
Here is the direct link to go for Rates: http://philpost.gov.ph/web/customer-guide/
You can also Track the package/mail through their website tracking that can also be found on the link above.

If the web tracking doesn't work, call Philpost EMS office at these numbers:

+632 854-5257

+632 854-3580 / 853-4789
Make your tracking number handy!

15 December 2009

Yahoo Answers Philippines HIGHLIGHTS of 2009

For those of you who have been contributors of Y!A Philippines, here is the blog of Jonas De los
Reyes, Lead Community Manager, Yahoo Southeast Asia.

Y!Answers Philippines

Wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

05 November 2009

60th Anniversary of China

30 October 2009

COMELEC Registration Forms

Better download these forms before coming to COMELEC office.
Some COMELEC office runout of forms. So accomplish a form now so when you come to the line you have it all ready completed.